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the challenge

Kanika Hotels & Resorts, one of the largest hotel chains in Cyprus, recently decided to revamp its corporate branding, update its brand guidelines, and present all its hotels in a unified, brand-promoting manner. Hotels such as the Amavi, Olympic Lagoon Resorts and Elias Beach Hotel, each with their own brand identities, had to be brought under the same umbrella.

To promote such a unified identity, we had to create a single booking system for all the hotels of the chain. The system had to be implemented seamlessly across all hotels and their individual booking systems needed to sync with the new platform. Additionally, the company was looking to sync the aforementioned platform with a secondary database to set up a Loyalty Scheme, which would help build a loyal client base to boost organic and direct sales.

our approach

We used WebHotelier to connect the booking platforms of all the hotels into one, unified platform, providing users with a seamless search on all hotels.

Action Digital decided to proceed by integrating with Fideo PMS (Property Management System) to sync the contacts between the three key elements of the project: Website, Booking Engine and PMS.

The final step was for the website to be SEO optimized to assist with Google ranking. All design and development elements were implemented with a mobile-first approach, well-aware that the majority of users will use their phones to book a hotel.


  • Synced 15k+ members on the loyalty programme between platforms
  • 50% increase in organic traffic YoY
  • 17% decline in bounce rate

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